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Why choose us?


There is a distinction between Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists. Education and training of Clinical Psychologists takes 8 years and they are experts in mental health. All of our practitioners are Clinical Psychologists.


We are transparent and upfront on our website with our Clinical Psychologist fees. We are proud to publish our fees as they are competitive for the calibre of each practitioner.


The Medicare rebate for a session with a Clinical Psychologist is $128.40, which is much higher than the rebate for a Psychologist.


You can browse for an available appointment time for each practitioner on our website and then book instantly without calling reception. 


You can enquire directly with any of our practitioners to get an idea of whether they are a good fit for you.


We are conveniently located in the Melbourne CBD. Clients have the option to avoid driving in traffic and use one of many public transport routes.


Our practitioners 

All of our practitioners are registered with Medicare as a Clinical Psychologist and are independent practitioners in carrying on their clinical psychology practice.

Clinical Psychologists vs Psychologists

The following table compares key attributes that distinguish a Clinical Psychologist from a Psychologist.

The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) states "A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is an expert in mental health". Visit ACPA for more information about the profession of Clinical Psychologist.

Fees for each practitioner

Click on each practitioner below to view their fees. A 20% deposit is required to secure your booking (including each change of existing booking), and the balance is payable at the end of the session. Please see our Change or cancellation policy. Cash, BPAY, Mastercard, Visa and American Express are welcome (no surcharge).

Medicare rebate

Clients who have a Mental Health Treatment Plan and a referral from a GP are eligible for the Medicare rebate of $128.40 per session of at least 50 minutes duration. The rebate is normally available for up to 10 sessions per calendar year but with the COVID-19 pandemic it is up to 20 sessions per calendar year until 30 June 2022 (see fact sheet). The rebate is also available for telehealth sessions until 31 December 2021.

A Medicare rebate higher than $128.40 might be available through Medicare Safety Nets. Individuals with no dependants are automatically registered for Medicare Safety Nets. If you are part of a family or couple, you can combine your costs by registering as a family so that you are more likely to receive a higher Medicare rebate.

Meet our practitioners


You may have a query or even feel uneasy about seeing a Clinical Psychologist for the first time. Our practitioners are happy to chat with you about your matter and what you may be seeking from them. This will also help get an idea of how suitable their therapeutic approach and style is for you. 

Our practitioners are warm, talented and highly trained people who share a passion for helping their clients resolve issues, feel better about themselves and live life to their full potential. Beyond these common goals and values of our practitioners, our website gives you a good insight into the background, strengths, specialities and offerings of each practitioner. You can also view their fees, appointment times and book instantly online.

Clicking on each practitioner below will present you with a clear, detailed and structured profile format. This presentation makes it easy for you to identify and compare key attributes between practitioners. Have you seen any other practice provide comprehensive, detailed information for each of its practitioners and putting them to this test?

Dr Roberta Szekeres
Dr Andrea Putica.jpg
Young Woman with Curly Hair

Dr Roberta Szekeres

BBSc(Hons), MA, DPsych(Clinical)

Dr Andrea Putica

BAppPsych, GradDipPsych, MClinPsych, DClinPsych

Clinical Psychologist opportunity

We are seeking a warm, talented, high-calibre Clinical Psychologist.

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Therapeutic approach

Our practitioners prefer to practice therapeutic approaches that have successfully been practised in various countries with evidence of their efficacy. Your practitioner will discuss and collaborate with you to help determine one or more suitable therapeutic approaches for you. Your practitioner will often combine various aspects of therapeutic approaches to form an integrated therapeutic approach that is customised to your needs and preferences. The Clinical Psychology profile of each practitioner lists the therapeutic approaches which they practice.

There are too many therapeutic approaches in total to summarise on this page, and here are just a few.

Woman in White
Red haired psychiatrist listening to her
Young therapist working with patient on


EMDR enables clients to heal from the emotional distress that is the result of a disturbing life experience. The practitioner works with the client to identify their disturbing experience as a focus. The practitioner guides the client to perform eye movements or other bilateral stimulation. Upon successful therapy, the client's memory of the experience is no longer disturbing.


CBT is a talking therapy based on the idea that how you think and act affects how you feel. It can help in many different situations. If you are thinking negatively about yourself or a situation and that is causing you problems, CBT might be able to help. CBT relies on a close professional relationship with your practitioner.


Clinical hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility during which the practitioner uses positive suggestions and guided imagery to help clients deal with a variety of concerns and issues. Contrary to what you might have seen on TV, you are always in control.

Psychological treatment. Professional ha


ACT encourages clients to think about traumatic events, issues and problems. If the matter is out of their control, clients learn to defuse and accept the matter. Clients then reflect on their values and commit to positive actions that will help them reach their goals and ultimately an improved, meaningful life.

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us for any queries. Please understand that we are not a crisis service. If you need help in a crisis, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or in an emergency call 000.

Consulting room address: S09037, level 7/276 Flinders Street, Melbourne 3000.

Postal address: PO Box 242, Flinders Lane VIC 8009.


Phone: 03 9016 3099

Fax: 03 8595 5442

ReferralNet and Argus secure messages are welcome.

ABN: 72 642 226 846

The consulting room is welcoming, comfortable and very easy to access by public transport. The building and room are accessible by wheelchair.

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