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Change or cancellation policy

Please understand that if you give your practitioner very short notice for your appointment change or cancellation, it is almost impossible for your practitioner to book another client to fill the vacant appointment. You delay your therapy, the appointment is left vacant even though other clients may have wanted that time, and your practitioner loses income and job satisfaction.

If you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, please give Clinical Psychology Pty Ltd at least 48 hours notice, otherwise a fee will apply. If your postponement or cancellation notice is:

  • at least 48 hours before your appointment: Any deposit for the cancelled appointment will be added to the deposit of your next appointment. If you tell us that you no longer wish to continue therapy, your practitioner will refund your deposit.

  • between 1 hour and 48 hours before your appointment: 50% of the psychological service fee will apply.

  • less than 1 hour before your appointment: 75% of the psychological service fee will apply.

There is no Medicare rebate for any late fee.

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