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Ms Siouxsie Venning

Clinical Psychologist

Away on leave. Clients are welcome to see our other practitioners.

Briefly about my clinical psychology practice

I am a welcoming, compassionate, innovative Clinical Psychologist who enjoys connecting and working with people to support them to heal, grow and thrive. During my 20 years as a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice and across a range of health settings I have been privileged to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience. I support people with life transitions and skill building to address a wide-ranging array of issues including pain and health-related issues, anxiety, mood disorders, phobias, substance and addiction issues, grief and loss, habit disorders, eating disorders, career, study, confidence, communication and interpersonal issues.


I utilize evidence-based psychological techniques and/or hypnosis to assist people to achieve their goals.


I love working with people to help them achieve balance, growth and resilience. I enjoy collaborating with clients to foster wellbeing and develop habits that work for them rather than against them.


  • $220 per 50-minute session.

  • $250 per 250-words for report writing, or $350 per hour.

  • NDIS plan-managed or DVA funded telehealth video sessions, please contact us.

Areas in which I help best

  • Mood & Anxiety Disorders

  • Pain Management & Chronic Illness

  • Grief and Loss

  • Life Transitions & Motivation: Including Relationship, Aging and Career

  • Positive Health & Wellbeing Goals

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • General Adult Psychology

  • Workplace Issues: Including Health and Emergency Professionals

  • Veteran and Ex-serviceman

  • Addiction

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Stress management

Therapeutic approach

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)

  • Clinical Hypnosis

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Positive Psychology

  • Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

My goal, style and approach in session

I use therapy with a mix of compassion and creativity to connect with clients and to encourage them to make positive change.


Underpinning my work with people is the ground-breaking theory and research of Neuroplasticity. This is the discovery that the brain is able to constantly learn, adapt and change. With repetition, neural pathways are formed which literally make the behaviour (and even responses such as pain or emotional reactions) more habitual. In the case of helpful learning this is wonderful and leads to mastery. However, even in the case of unhelpful behaviours and beliefs the great news is that the more you resist an old unhelpful habit and do something different the easier it gets. Literally new pathways form and like building muscles, strengthen each time you use them. In order to facilitate this I use a variety of evidence-based techniques matched to the client’s needs.


I aim to provide a warm, empathetic, safe environment for you to be able to develop the skills you need to cope with the challenges you are currently facing. I am passionate about supporting you to become the best person you can be and find health, happiness, and balance in your life. I look forward to the opportunity to meeting you and helping you on your journey.

Higher education

  • Master of Psychology (Clinical), Flinders University, SA, 2003.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Psychology), Flinders University, SA, 1999.

Additional training

  • The Essentials: Training Clinicians in Eating Disorders, InsideOut: Institute for Eating Disorders, 2020.

  • Foundations of Suicide Prevention, APS, 2018.

  • Master Class Workshop: Supervisor Training & Approval Program (STAP), Dr. Stan Steindl, 2017.

  • Brief Therapy Workshop, Dr. Michael Yapko, 2016.

  • EMDR Workshop 1, Dr Sigmund Burzynski of the EMDR Institute, 2015.

  • Practice-based DBT Workshop, Dr Lane Pederson, 2013.

  • Strategic Therapy and Hypnosis Workshops, Dr. Michael Yapko, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

  • Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance (first aid), CBD College Pty Ltd, Adelaide, 2012.

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 2011.

  • Mindfulness Workshop, Cultivation of the Heart/Mind: Applications to Clinical Therapy, Malcolm Huxter & Patrick Kearney, Mindfulness Centre, South Australia, 2009.

  • Mindfulness Workshop, Liana Taylor, Mindfulness Centre, South Australia, 2009.

  • Clinical Hypnosis Workshop, University of South Australia, 2008.

  • Advanced Skills Motivational Interviewing Workshop, Prof. Stephen Rollnick, NB &A Events, Adelaide, 2007.

  • Chronic Pain Assessment and Therapy, and running a Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Group Program, Michael Nicholas, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, 2006.

  • Mindfulness Workshop, North Coast Area Health Service, 2006.

  • Amphetamine Workshop, North Coast Area Health Service, 2006.

  • Working with Older People who Abuse Substances Workshop, North Coast Area Health Service, 2006.

  • Personality Disorders Workshop and Advanced Dealing with Personality Workshop, TATRA Corporate Services, 2004.

  • Cultural Awareness Workshop, Tandanya, 2004.

  • Suicide Risk Assessment Workshop, Drug and Alcohol Services Council, 2004.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workshop, Robyn Walser, Drug and Alcohol Services Council, SA, 2004.

  • BEST Program Training (training facilitators for a group program targeting parents of people with substance related problems), Drug and Alcohol Services Council, 2004.

Client focus

  • Age:

    • Adults

  • Modality:

    • Individuals​

  • All genders, ethnicities, religions, relationship types and sexualities are welcome.

Other spoken languages

  • None

Special interests, endeavours, publications and about me

  • I am passionate about supporting people to be their best authentic self, to connect with their strengths and to feel heard and valued. I feel privileged to be able to work with clients to help them overcome challenges and reach their goals. Throughout my years as a therapist, I have recognised that everyone is amazing in their own right, it is just about creating the conditions where they recognise this and thrive.

  • From a personal perspective I love nature, swimming, bushwalking, music and creativity.

Professional membership and ABN

  • Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS).

  • Member of College of Clinical Psychologists, Australian Psychological Society.

  • Full Member of Australian Hypnosis Society.

  • Endorsed in Clinical Psychology by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

  • Board-approved supervisor.

  • Registrar program principal supervisor for practice of clinical psychology.

  • ABN: 21 570 257 950.

Relevant experience

  • Clinical psychologist, Private practice, Various locations, SA, NSW, Qld, 2007—present.

    • 2017—present at Tweed Heads for Everyone Superclinic.

    • 2015—present at Queensland Rehabilitation Specialists (QRS)-Woolloongabba.

    • 2008—2017 at Morphett Vale SA.

    • 2008—2015 at Lismore NSW.

    • Working with chronic and acute mental health issues, pain management issues, health-related issues, grief, aging, life transition, addiction, trauma, legal issues, vocational and organizational issues, complex trauma, cultural issues and relationship issues.

    • Working with diverse client groups including people with health, mental health  and pain concerns, women, men, students, elderly and carers, people with substance use issues, health workers, co-morbidity, veterans and their families, ex-serviceman and people currently in the armed services.

    • Report writing and appearing for clients in Court.

  • Locum clinical psychologist, North Coast Area Health Service, NSW Health - Drug and Alcohol Services, Tweed Heads, 2014—2015.​

    • As the locum I was required to step into the position of the day and be up to speed immediately. I certainly enjoyed the challenge and dynamics of this situation. Consequently, I updated my specific medical knowledge regarding withdrawal presentations and increased my knowledge regarding local services and referral networks.

  • Clinical psychologist, Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA), Nov 2003—Jul 2008.

    • Worked with clients and/or their families with substance-related concerns using a range of interventions stemming from brief interventions to longer-term therapies. Most clients presented with concurrent mental health issues and, as such, I was actively involved in being one of the primary therapists, providing ongoing therapy to those suffering from co-morbid conditions.

    • Provided supervision as a secondary supervisor to higher education placement students.

  • Clinical psychologist, Multidisciplinary Pain Management Clinic, Lismore Base Hospital, Lismore, NSW, Jan 2006—Jan 2007.

    • Predominately worked with clients suffering from chronic pain issues using a wide range of evidence-based individual and group interventions.

    • Worked with clients and their families to address a range of concerns including pain management issues, mental health issues, substance use issues, relationship and communication issues, post traumatic issues, health-related concerns, vocational issues and grief and loss issues.

    • Psychological assessment of clients, implementing psychology-based interventions and providing a psychological perspective within the team.

    • Lead role in developing a group pain management program, which was largely based on psychological strategies.

    • Developing and delivering workshop lectures aimed at educating and networking with other health professionals and services.

  • Outreach Worker, Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service - Sons and Daughters Program, Aug 2003—Mar 2004.

    • Working with Veterans and their families, as well as social advocacy and education within organisations.

  • Liaison Officer, Magistrate’s Court Diversion Program, Oct 2002—Apr 2003.

    • Formulating case plans, case management and connecting people with Mental health and forensic issues with services. This also involved regular written and verbal reports to the Court.

  • Counsellor, Salvation Army, SA, Mar 2001—Feb 2002.

    • Working with people with mental health, substance use, domestic violence and/or homelessness issues.

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You are welcome to contact me

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For any administrative queries, please Contact us. For clinical matters only, you may contact me by submitting the form below which the office manager will forward to me.

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